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Heaters, Sensors & Controls

Antech Sales sells heaters, sensors, temperature controllers and power controls – components that comprise the thermal loop. We are also pleased to provide related products such as hot air tools, thermal insulation blankets, solid state relays, thermocouple wire and connectors, RTDs, high temperature hook-up wire, fuses and fuse holders, timers, counters, and mold release. For process control solutions we can provide current, voltage, IR , Humidity, pressure, level and flow sensors.

Antech Sales designs and assembles custom control panels. These turn-key control systems are engineered to handle your most complex industrial process applications. Built to NEC specifications, our control panels offer the sophisticated control features necessary in today's world. We can provide touchscreen operator interfaces, HMI software, data logging capabilities, integrated multifunction controls, PLCs, and communications. We also have a bench-top, portable control system for laboratory and general use.

Antech Sales is proud to offer sensor certification, instrument calibration, and control repair. We provide in-house sensor certification with results traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We perform both in-house and field instrument calibrations. Antech also processes instrument repair requests, primarily for Watlow and Invensys Eurotherm controls and SCRs.

Antech's Mission and Purpose is to provide the opportunity for companies to improve their manufacturing processes by utilizing our thermal products and system solutions. These improvements enhance our customers' enterprises with better product quality and throughput, greater profit margins, and satisfied customers.

Antech's services include repair, engineering and technical support and sensor certification (calibration lab).

Portable Control Systems for sale in our Online Store coming soon!

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