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Case Studies > Improved Coating on Screening Process

Opportunity: Customer assembles screens for sorting processes using a plastisol coating on a fine mesh screen.

Problem: Customer places large grid coated in plastisol inside of press consisting of 2 large heated presses to manufacture screens of varying mesh classes. Due to lack of uniformity along heated platen the plastisol flows more freely in some areas than others and mesh screen does not bond evenly to grid. This causes the screen to fail quickly in the field and results in a large scrap rate.

Solution: Antech adds additional zones of heating and limit control to the existing system. Three (3) zones of heat only control is increased to ten (10) zones of heat and overtemp control, per platen. Antech replaces mercury displacement relays with advanced SCRs to improve response time to temperature changes in platen. Thermocouples were placed strategically so that the best profiling of platen could be accomplished with the minimum amount of machining.

Results: Customer reports scrap rate to be near zero and uniformity has been drastically improved and verified through thermal imaging camera. Payback on upgrades was less than 2 weeks and system has been working without heater or other component replacement for several years.

Written by Kevin Yaeger, Antech Sales, Inc.

Improved Coating on Screening Process

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