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Case Studies > Rack Mount Furnace Control System

Opportunity: A laboratory at a major university required a power supply for a tungsten resistance furnace.

Problem: The full load to be controlled was 450 amps at 4.6 volts DC. Requirements included soft start, current limit, segment programming capability, computer integration, local digital indication of temperature and 0-10 VDC load voltage. DC power was requested to reduce RFI (electrical noise) potential in the lab. Commercially available power supplies did not offer all the required features.

Solution: To solve the problem, a Eurotherm series 2408 control was integrated with a high current power supply from Lamda EMI. The 2408 control provided a P.I.D. control interface, digital indication of temperature, segment programming and EIA 485 interface for computer integration. The Lamda power supply allowed for 208 VAC input with 0 - 10 VDC load output. It also provided digital indication of voltage and current and a variable current limit. Antech provided the solution with design concept, engineering schematics and all required materials. The system was installed into a convenient rack mount case.

Written by Carl Benz @ Antech Sales, Inc.

Rack Mount Furnace Control System

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