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Case Studies > Enhanced Safety and Automation for Injection Molder

Opportunity: An injection-molding customer wanted to eliminate the discrete components and manual procedures in their manufacturing process. The customer also wanted to enhance the safety of their equipment by adding a door interlock device to prevent access to hot platens and moving parts.

Problem: Sample pellets from a molded part require opacity testing. This process was dependent on manual labor for each step. The sample is placed on a cool platen and then the platen is heated to 125 degrees C (260 degrees F). There is also an upper platen, above the sample, heated to 125 degrees C (260 degrees F). Watlow FIREROD cartridge heaters and thermocouples accomplish this heating. (Antech Sales had built the two zone control panels that house the Series 935 controllers). Once the platen reaches set point, a manually activated ram drives the top platen down and flattens the pellet. After a brief dwell, cooling air is turned on until the platens cool to about 40 degrees C (100 degrees F). The ram retracts and the sample is removed for testing.

Solution: Antech provided a solution to their customer's problem by suggesting a Watlow F4P controller. As the process was a basic dual channel temperature control profile with a small amount of I/O, Watlow's F4 controller fit nicely and eliminated the need for a PLC. Antech framed the profile and specified a F4DH-CACA-01RG. The F4 controller's I/O would handle the door interlock, ram activation, cooling air, start signal and off signal. This process improves the cycle and throughput for the application.

Written by David Kozody, Antech Sales, Inc.

Enhanced Safety and Automation for Injection Molder

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