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Opportunity: Customer requires better uniformity on urethane holding tank and transfer lines while pumping urethane into molds for custom manufactured parts. Customer was currently using silicone rubber heaters and heat trace to keep product at temperature.

Problem: Current heater design does not effectively control and maintain temperature on large holding tank and along transfer lines to product pouring spigot. Results of uneven heating in current assembly produced discoloration and air bubbles in pour that produced inferior product.

Solution: Antech custom designed heaters to wrap around holding tank with both temperature and high limit control. Additional heated zone was added to the bottom of the tank where valve was heated to prevent thermal losses at valve point. The heat traced transfer lines were replaced with a high pressure heated hose with dual thermocouples for process and high limit control to ensure more uniformity along the transfer lines. Additional heated zone was added to pump housing to make up for losses from previously unheated pump.

Results: Product quality was improved far beyond customer expectations allowing larger molds to be poured without the discoloration or air bubbling effects that limited them to smaller molds in the past.

Written by Kevin Yaeger, Antech Sales, Inc.

Urethane Molding Line

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