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EPack™ Compact SCR Power Controller

EPack is a compact fully featured power controller from Invensys Eurotherm, combining a high level of functionality and configurability with simplicity of setup and operation. The combination of advanced configurable firing modes allows close matching to load characteristics for maximum process efficiency.

Ratings and Physical Format

EPack power controllers are designed to carry currents from 1 to 63 amps, single phase, with operating voltage between 100 and 500Volts. It has a compact DIN rail and bulkhead mounting format in two widths depending on the current rating (16A to 32A or 40A to 63A).

The units are specified for normal operation up to 40°C; however operation at 50°C is possible with current de-rating. There are two options for auxiliary power supply, 24V ac/dc or 100-500Vac.

The Display

Clear visualization of all operating and configuration information is available on the clear, high definition 1.5" TFT display. This includes alarm indication as well as process and operating data such as nominal current, load voltage and energy usage. Should a control system fault occur, clear messages allow the precise origin of the problem to be determined, reducing down-time.


EPack has Ethernet communications as standard, and includes an integrated dual port switch so that units may be "daisy chained". This allows integration with other plant equipment using standard Ethernet protocols such as Modbus/TCP, allowing connection to process and temperature controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers and SCADA/Supervisory systems.

Analog communication for power setpoints is fully supported, using standard current and voltage inputs to the EPack unit.


EPack is fully software configurable, with all options and advanced functions available when needed. Software modules may be purchased when required by use of a software key so that existing units may be adapted to changing needs over time. The instrument order code allows pre-configured units to be delivered ready for use, or alternatively a "Quick Start Code" using integrated HMI may be used to quickly configure for use. Configuration using Itools is also an option for more complex set up requirements.

Spec Sheet (pdf)


  • Compact DIN Rail and bulkhead Mounting Format
  • Configurable via iTools (PC software) or front panel
  • Plug and play Ethernet communications with Zero configuration networking(zeroconf)
  • V2, I2 or True power control
  • Controls comprehensive range of loads: resistive, infrared, transformer primary, molybdenum disilicide, silicon carbide
  • Energy usage measurement
  • Advanced load diagnostics
  • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for "daisy chained" communications
  • Modbus® TCP protocol


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