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Eurotherm Single Phase Solid State Contactor - TE10S

  • Compact, low cost 240V and 480V SSR
  • 16, 25, 40 and 50A rated at 45C
  • AC and DC logic input
  • Partial load failure detection
  • Simple installation and maintenance

These robust, generously rated thyristor units are ideally suited for applications where voltage and current surges can be expected. These units can be used to control SWIR loads (current de-rating required).

Easy replacement for mechanical contactors

Mechanical contactors in heating applications may operate three million times per year. The lifetime of such contactors is 1 to 3 years, so they need replacing several times during the life of an industrial machine. Alternatively the TE10S has no moving parts and will not wear out. Its wiring is similar to contactors and it has simple DIN Rail mounting.

These units, with integral heatsinks, are driven by a logic input signal which can be either DC or AC.Firing is ON/OFF in response to the logic input, with zero voltage switching. A ,'heat', LED indicator on the front face indicates the status of the input signal.

Solid State Relays

Spec Sheet (pdf)

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