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Eurotherm 3200i Series
The 3200i series provide accurate indication of temperature and process measurements. Available in three standard DIN sizes:

  • 1/16 DIN Model Number 3216i
  • 1/8 DIN Horizontal Model Number 32h8i
  • 1/4 DIN Model Number 3204i


  • Fast initial set-up using QuickStart code
    Enabling ‘out of box’ operation.
  • Expert configuration by PC wizard
    On-line help explains each step
  • Recipes can be selected from operator interface
    Easy to adapt for differing process needs
  • Alarms
    Can be high, low or rate of change with delay and latching options
  • Easy, comprehensive operator information with custom messages, clear alarm information
    Provides clear information of plant conditions with scrolling text.
  • EN14597/TW and FM compliant
    Ideal for over-temperature alarming and other safety critical applications.
  • Universal Input
    Each model can accept either thermocouple, Pt100, mV or mA inputs. 32H8i can accept a 0-10V dc input directly.
  • Strain Gauge
    32h8i is capable of accepting inputs from load cells and melt pressure transducers.
  • Color Change
    32h8i has a configurable display color. Red or green can be selected to remain constant or change on alarm.

Eurotherm 2408i Series
The 2408i universal process indicator and alarm unit provides accurate and stable measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process variables. An optional second process value input offers the provide the display of derived parameters, such as average, difference, maximum and minimum of two values. Available in an 1/8 DIN horizontal panel mount configuration with either red or green LED display.

  • Universal input
  • Strain gauge input
  • Custom linearization
  • Differential measurement
  • Four alarm setpoints
  • Multiple alarms on a single output
  • Digital communications
  • Analogue retransmission
  • Transducer supply
  • Transmitter supply

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