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Eurotherm nanodac 3D2 Eurotherm 392 Circular Chart Recorder

The 392 is a user configurable 1, 2, 3 or 4 pen, continual trace, 100mm calibrated width circular chart instrument. Current status information is presented on a front panel mounted, high visibility, vacuum fluorescent display. The modular construction and compact design ensure that is convenient to locate, while being easy to maintain and upgrade.

The model 392 offers two PID controllers with features such as cascade, ratio/bias, feedforward and internal setpoint generation. Dedicated auto/manual and remote/local setpoint keypads allow the user to switch between one control function to the other.

Eurotherm 392 Features

  • Single chart view of selected recording period
  • Controller and programmer
  • Universal input channels
  • Up to 4 pens
  • IP65 panel sealing option
  • Compact design for convenient location

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