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Air heaters work by continuously passing air/fluid over a heated element.
This air/fluid is heated and then discharged from the heater, giving a consistent supply of reliable heat. The material being heated can either be inert gas, compressed air or air from a regenerative blower. Unfiltered gas that may contain dirt, grease, oil, oil vapors, corrosive or reactive gases along with volatile or combustible gases should never be used. It should be noted that material should always be flowing over the element before and even after power is supplied to the heater or the result may be overheating of the element and reduced life.

Optimum heater life is achieved by operating the element within its specified performance characteristics and monitoring the element temperature. Elements operating outside their recommended limits will glow beyond the midsection of the heated length.

Best operating results will be obtained by using a thermocouple feedback temperature control and phase angle power control. When using only a voltage control extra caution should be taken. Apply voltage to the heater until the desired air temperature is obtained.

Style 1
Quartz Tube Heaters
Product Info (pdf)

Accessories (pdf)

Quartz Tube Heaters

Style 3
Triple Pass Housing/Elements
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Performance (pdf)
Flange (pdf)
Accessories (pdf)
Triple Pass Housing

Style 7
Line Pipe Heaters

Product Info (pdf)

Line Pipe Heaters

Flameless Electric Air Heaters. When you need a heat source, Convectronics’ products are designed to meet and exceed all expectations. Convectronics Air Heaters use state of the art materials and can be found throughout the world in countless industries.
  • Temperature up to 1500°F 
  • Clean electric heat without the flame 
  • Compact size with rapid heat-up and cool-down 
  • Controllable by varying voltage, flow rate or temperature controls 
  • Excellent repeatability 
  • Directable heat 
  • Easy installation


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