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Remotely configure, view, and operate your Eurotherm Chessell Paperless Graphic Recorder


  • Securely view real-time data
  • Remote operation and configuration
  • Visualization of data management on your PC
  • Internet or intranet compatible
  • Same 'look and feel' as product
  • View, create and edit custom graphic screens

Bridge Lite vs. Bridge Full

  • Bridge Lite provides the user with remote, live viewing functionality.
  • Bridge Full gives total access to a 5000 or 6000 instrument - including viewing of data, operation and configuration.

Data management software provides multiple bridge connections to plantwide recorders from a single window.


  • View multiple graphic recorders over Ethernet
  • Alarms highlighted to attract operator attention
  • Bring up a single device to view more parameters

Review QuickChart
PC based software allows display and printing of archived files, creation of charts and spreadsheets, auto backup and file transfer.


  • Simplified chart generation
  • Direct data access
  • Security control via Security Manager
  • Save to a single-file archive to easily email information

Chessell Bridge

Chessell Eyris

Chessell Review Quick Chart

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