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Specview from Watlow
Data acquisition software for Watlow controls including EZ-Zone and third party products.


  • Communication
    • Communicates through Watlow EZ-ZONE® Standard Bus communications protocol
    • Built-in support and auto-detect for controllers from multiple vendors
  • Screen Customization
    • Easy-to-build, customizable, application-specific screens
    • Simplifies monitoring and adjusting controller parameters
    • Automates many tasks with user-defined buttons
    • Calls attention to specific parameter values with user-set color dynamics
    • Allows touch screen compatibility
    • Provides bar graphs for ‘at-a-glance’ monitoring
    • Limits access with passwords, if desired
  • Alarm Manager
    • Simplifies understanding alarms with customizable, plain-text messages
    • Aids in troubleshooting by time stamping and logging alarms
  • Recipe Manager
    • Saves snapshot of current parameter settings
    • Reproduces previous machine setups exactly
    • Reviews and edits complex programmer profiles
    • Eliminates operator error in setting machine parameters
  • Remote Access
    • Allows multiple operator stations with identical interfaces for convenient access
    • Provides multiple password-protection levels
    • Improves access over LAN, modem or internet

EZ-Zone Configurator
EZ-Zone instrument set-up software for EZ-Zone control family.


  • Communication
    • Communicates with EZ-ZONE products via standard bus protocol
    • Works regardless of which communications option is purchased or even when no communications option is purchased
    • Detects EZ-ZONE devices and loads configuration
  • Configuration
    • Allows easy access to any setting
    • Presents pages and menus as they are in the controller’s display, RUI and manuals
    • Enables the user to easily locate what they are looking for Wizard-style editor with menu explorer
    • Enables the user to skip directly to the parameters they want to work with
    • On-screen parameter help
    • Decreases the time to configure especially for multi-loop controllers
  • Reproduction
    • Copy parameter settings
    • Save configuration files on the computer with all the information required to set up a controller
    • Preserves the settings for archiving, recovery or to simplify setting up another EZ-ZONE product
    • Enables files to be e-mailed or made available to users on a network or via the internet to aid them with set up
  • Editing
    • View or modify configuration files saved during on-line editing sessions
    • Aids in supporting remote users
  • Smart Compatibility Checking
    • Ensures configuration files are only loaded into devices that are similar enough to the original that the settings make sense

Human Machine Interface (HMI) software designed to set up and monitor one or more Watlow controllers (not including EZ-Zone).


  • Easy program setup
    • Scans all available communications ports and baud rates for supported controllers
    • Detects which controllers are connected to the computer
    • Automatically configures with appropriate setup screens and help files for detected controllers
  • Controller specific setup and spreadsheet overview screens
    • Simplify monitoring and adjusting controller parameters
    • Display settings for multiple channels and controllers
    • Present parameters according to controller’s menus
  • Recipe manager
    • Stores commonly used controller settings, speeding up repetitive controller setups
    • Backs up “snapshot” of your settings against data loss
  • Calendar-start function
    • Automates processes by downloading recipes automatically in a one-time or repeating schedule
  • Alarm manager
    • Makes alarms easier to understand with customizable, plain text messages
    • Aids in troubleshooting by time stamping and logging alarms
    • Allows monitoring, acknowledging and clearing alarms for multiple controllers
  • Data-logging and trend plot graphs
    • Automate data collection for the parameters you choose
    • Export data to Excel®-compatible spreadsheet files
    • Graph up to 20 data items together on a graph
    • Provide flexibility by allowing users to name, save and choose for display from any number of graphs

Specview HMI

EZ Zone Configurator


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