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Improve Heat Transfer, Speed Warm Ups and Decrease Wattage Requirements
Rugged, yet thin, lightweight and flexible—the use of Watlow® silicone rubber heaters is limited only by the imagination. With these heaters, heat can be placed where it is needed. In the application process these heaters improve heat transfer, speed warm ups and decrease wattage requirements. Fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility. Because very little material separates the element from the part, heat transfer is rapid and efficient. The heaters are constructed with a wire-wound element or an etched foil element. The heater construction creates a very thin heater allowing it to fit applications where space is limited.

Performance Capabilities

  • Operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Watt densities up to 80 W/in2 (12.5 W/cm2), dependent upon application temperature
  • Wire-wound element thickness — 0.055 in. (1.4 mm)
  • Etched foil element — 0.022 in. (0.56 mm)
  • UR®, cUR®, VDE and CE recognitions are available on many designs up to 428°F (220°C)

Hi-Heat Industries custom designs etched foil Kapton®/polyimide heaters
Kapton heaters have a thin, lightweight design --0.005" thick-- which allows close thermal contact for maximum heating efficiency, and permits close adaptation to the contours of the part.

These low thermal mass heaters have a quick response. Polyimide’s properties and the moisture resistant construction make these heating elements the preferable product in high humidity areas, wash down zones and in applications requiring repeated sterilizations.

Hi-Heat Industries designs these heaters with distributed wattages, eliminating edge loss compensation. Superior heat transfer and exceptionally uniform heat output result in a faster warm-up cycle and longer life.

Polyimide has more than 40 years of proven performance as the flexible material of choice in applications involving high, 200°C (392°F), and very low, -195°C (-319°F), temperatures. Kapton is a lightweight flexible film that maintains outstanding mechanical, chemical and electrical properties over extreme temperature ranges.

Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™.

Industrial Flexible Heaters

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