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Hot air can be used successfully in a wide variety of processes and techniques. With over 30 different hot air tools and hot air blowers, along with a wide variety of blowers, temperature and airflow control systems, and hot air manifolds and nozzles, we can develop a hot air process heating system for your application. By the use of various nozzles and reflectors, the hot air can be concentrated, spread or even sharply reduced without any significant loss of temperature. The temperature of the hot air can, depending on the model, be precisely controlled from ambient temperature to a maximum of 900°C by means of built-in or external electronic temperature controls.

For special applications, additional adjusting control devices are available such as external heating power controls, remote measurement of the hot air stream temperature with K type thermocouples, and measuring the surface temperatures with IR sensors. Antech  offers special stainless nozzles, air manifolds, shrink tunnels, reflectors and other accessories from the full LEISTER range. Improperly constructed nozzles can affect the hot air stream and therefore the efficiency of the tool. All tools, depending on the model, are equipped for use with 120V / 200-230V / 380-400V / 440-480V (50/60Hz) and carry international approval marks. Contact Antech Sales for expert advice and information on the range of Leister tools and accessories available.

Hot Air Heater Applications: 
Various drying and heating processes 

Shrinking and welding of packaging films and molded parts

Heating conveyor ovens or heat tunnels 

Removing plastic mould flash 

Cutting and sealing synthetic fibers and fabrics 

Sterilizing packaging materials such as bottles, corks, boxes and containers 

To Smooth the coating on pills, put a shine on chocolate, pralines and lipsticks, and for soldering, marking or deicing.

Hot Wind Premium / System  heater / blower. Standard sizes available up to 3700 watts

The new LHS Series air heater. Heaters in this series are available from 800 watts to 32 kw.
  • LHS 15 - 800 watts
  • LHS 21 - 1 to 3.3 KW
  • LHS 41 - 2 to 4.4 KW
  • LHS 61 - 4 to 16 KW
  • LHS 91 - 11 to 32 KW


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