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Leister LHS 41 small footprint high performance!
The Leister LHS 41 medium sized series air heaters cover an extremely wide application range. The small footprint enables easy integration in machines. The heater tube diameter of 1.97 inches allows passing sufficient air flow, also for high performance applications.

The LHS 41 series of air heaters operate from 2 to 4.4kW. They are available in single-phase voltages of 120 to 440V. Air inlet and air outlet connections are compatible with the predecessor heater the LE Type 3300 and its accessories. There are three different design lines: Classic, Premium and System.

The LHS 41 Classic, Premium and System heaters come with an internal electronic overheating detection system. In case of interruption of the air supply, the built in detection system will sense this and send a control voltage alarm signal, protecting the built in heating element from burn out.

The Leister LHS L in the series stands for high power with a correspondingly longer heating element compared to the S version. The LHS Premium and System heaters include built in power and temperature controllers, built in temperature adjustability via an integrated potentiometer. The LHS System heaters feature a digital display, and include a built in remote control interface so that the heaters can be controlled externally via a PLC or temperature controller.

The LHS 41 heaters require an external air source to complete the system, can be used with compressed air or blown air from the Leister ROBUST blower, Leister ASO blower, Leister MONO blower or the Leister AIRPACK blower, as well as airflow valves and on/off valves, rotary vanes, diaphragms and linear pumps. Many standard stainless hot air nozzle attachments are available to direct hot air where you want it.

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