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The Leister LHS 91 air heater with power up to 32kW is the tool for even the most demanding of heating applications. With this performance it is even capable of replacing many gas fired heaters.

The Leister LHS 91 double-insulated hot air tool is our largest model heater; with the appropriate blower configuration it is suitable for building into machines for continuous use. The Leister LHS 91 hot air tool is available in three-phase 230V, 400V, and 480V, up to 32kW. Air inlet and air outlet connections are compatible with the predecessor heater the Type 40 000 and its accessories. There are two different designs: System and Basic.

The LHS 91 System has a built-in overheating protection system with alarm output to protect against total failure of the overall heat gun and the heating element. The auto-tune function in the controller will have to be activated once the heater is mounted in place in order to self-tune the hot air system for the process heat application. A thermocouple can be placed in the hot air stream to provide feedback to the PLC or temperature controller.

The Leister LHS 91 Basic hot air tool is supplied without any electronics or heating element protection, there is no temperature control system built into the Leister LHS 91 Basic however, Antech Sales offers external SCR power controllers, solid state contactors, and a full line of 1/16 DIN digital process controllers.

The Leister LHS 91 hot air tool requires an air source to complete the system, can be used with blown air from the Leister ROBUST blower, Leister ASO blower, Leister SILENCE blower or the Leister AIRPACK blower. Many standard stainless hot air nozzle attachments are available to direct hot air where you want it.


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