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True RMS AC Voltage Transducer
The CR4500 Series, True RMS Voltage Transducers and Transmitters are designed for applications where AC voltage waveforms are not purely sinusoidal. More precise and accurate than other devices, these units are ideal in chopped wave and phase fired control systems.

Many models available, contact us with your application!

Current and Voltage Sensor

Single Element voltage sensor
Single Element
50 to 500 VAC Input Range
CR4510, CR4511, CR4520
Three Element voltage sensor
Three Element
50 to 500 VAC Input Range
CR4550, CR4560, CR4570, CR4580

AC Current Transducers
The CR4200 Series, Current Transmitters produce a calibrated 4+20 mADC signal that is proportional to the average RMS input AC current. Designed for multi-point current sensing, these devices provide excellent features in a high value package. The output signal is generated from a user supplies 24 VFC power supply within the output current loop.

All single element current transducers are available in split core design. Simply put an "S" at the end of the prefix. * UL Recognition Pending.

AC Current Transducers

Two element AC Current Transducers
Two Element - .26" Window
0.5 to 30 AAC Input Range
Single Element AC Current Transducers
Single Element - .79" Window
0.5 to 50 AAC Input Range

Commercial & Metering Class Current Transformers
CR Magnetics line of Instrumentation Grade Electrical Current Transformers are available in either Commercial or ANSI Metering Class. The Commercial Class transformers are lower cost and well-suited for current monitoring applications. The ANSI Metering Class transformers are higher cost units intended for power monitoring applications where high accuracy and minimum phase angle error are required.The short form catalog shows an overview of our most popular 5 amp secondary transformers.

5 amp transformers are typically used in conjunction with analog or digital panel meters.

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)

Commercial & Metering Class Current Transformers Commercial & Metering Class Current Transformers

Current Sensing Relay

Current Sensing Relay

The CR4395 Series, Current Sensing Relay provides an effective and highly stable method for monitoring electrical current. The current-carrying wire is routed through the opening extending from the top of the case. When current reaches the level set by the trip point adjustment, the relay trips and starts the adjustable timer. After the timer cycles the electromechanical relay is energized. A precision voltage reference circuit ensures a highly repeatable trip point.

Output Options:
The Relay is available with three different output configurations, electromechanical relay, optoisolated NPN transistor or optoisolated triac. Specify desired selection in part number.

Relay (-ELR)

  • Arrangement: 1 Form C (SPDT)
  • Contact Material: Silver-cadmium oxide
  • Terminals: 3 1/4” Male QC
  • Mechanical Life: 10 million operations, typ.@ rated load
  • Electrical Life: 100,000 operations, typ. @ rated load
  • Initial Contact Resistance: 50 milliohms max. @ 500 mA, 12 VD

DC Switching (-NPN)

  • Vce (full off): 30 VDC max.
  • Isink (full on): 120 mADC max.@ rated full-on
  • Vce (full on): 1.5 VDC @ 120 mADC Isink
  • Off state leakage current: 5ua @ 30 VDC (typical)

AC Switching (-TRC)

  • Off state voltage: 240 VAC RMS max.
  • Minimum switch voltage: 24 VAC RMS
  • On state current: 0.5 AAC RMS max. continuous
  • Switching mode: Zero crossing
  • Off state leakage: 60 ua @ 240 VAC max.
  • Terminals: 2 @ 1/4” Male QC

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)

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