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Series HMT 330 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 is designed for demanding applications where stable measurement and wide customization is important.

  • Warmed probe for superior performance in condensing environments
  • Shows measurement trends and history graphically
  • Corrosion resistant IP65 housing
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Optional integrated data logging, with over four years of measured history
  • LAN and WLAN communication options

Humidity Sensors

HMD60/70 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for Ducts in HVAC Applications
The duct mounted Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters  HMD60 and HMD70 are designed for monitoring relative humidity and temperature in building energy management systems.

The combination of high accuracy, stability and reliable operation, make these products the ideal choice for demanding applications.

  • Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensor for excellent accuracy and long-term stability, negligible hysteresis and resistance to dust and most chemicals
  • Temperature compensated

HMI41 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter for Tight Spaces
The Vaisala HUMICAP®Humidity Indicator HMI41 fitted with the Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probes HMP42 or HMP46 can be used for spot checking and field calibration applications.

  • Two probe options HMP42 or HMP46
  • RH measurement range 0 ... 100 %RH
  • Temperature measurement range -40 ... +100 °C (-40 ... +212 °F), with the HMP46 only for short periods up to +180 °C (+356 °F)
  • Calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity and mixing ratio
  • Versatile and easy-to-use
  • Incorporates Vaisala HUMICAP® Sensor
  • Excellent stability
  • Data collection with serial line
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Optional carrying case and calibration cable

Other Models available - Contact us with your application!

Six models for demanding applications:
  • HMT331 for wall mounting
  • HMT333 for duct mounting and tight spaces
  • HMT334 for high pressures up to 100 bar and vacuum conditions
  • HMT335 for high temperatures
  • HMT337 for high humidity and meteorological applications
  • HMT338 for pressurized pipelines up to 40 bar

Humidity Transmitter

Humidity Meter

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