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Thermocouples are the most common and versatile devices used to measure temperature. They convert units of heat into useable engineering units that serve as input signals for process controllers and recorders.

A thermocouple consists of a welded 'hot' junction between two dissimilar metals - usually wires - and a reference junction at the opposite ends of the parent materials. Heating the 'hot' junction in the working environment produces a temperature gradient which generates an Electromotive Force (EMF). The EMF appears across the free ends of the thermocouple wires where it is measured and voltage is converted into units of heat calibration uisng the Seebeck effect. This states that voltage measured at the cold junction is proportional to the difference in temperature between the hot and cold junctions. Through selection of appropriate thermocouple wires, mechanical design and sheath components,thermocouples are suitable to be used in temperature ranges from (-200 to 2316) °C [-328 to 4200] °F.

Antech Sales offers a wide range of thermocouples for most market applications, including MgO (Magnesium Oxide), industrial, Noble Metal and general purpose types. We also provide thermocouple assemblies for hazardous locations and other applications that require connection heads, protection tubes, thermowells and/or transmitters.

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Thermocouple Assemblies

Thermocouple Assemblies

Thermocouple Assemblies

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