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Wireless transmitter/receiver pairs from Predictive Sensor Technology (PST) make it easy to remotely monitor processes and predict or prevent costly repairs and down time. Eliminate scheduled technician visits with round-the-clock monitoring. Receive a text message or email when a defined alarm is triggered.



  • Multiple configurations ranging from thermocouple to discrete inputs
  • Each transmitter can manage up to 3 sensors
  • Critical Link can be used to link directly to a PLC

Reliable Connection

  • 900MHz proprietary wireless protocol to ensure reliable data transmission without interrupting existing communications
  • Open-field range of up to 1200 feet
  • Battery life approaching 2 years for standard AA batteries
  • Battery life transmitted with data for monitoring

Rugged Housing

  • Designed for harsh industrial environments
  • Weather-tight NEMA 4X enclosure sealed with o-ring
  • Powerful magnetic mounts for easy installation or screw mounts for permanent use
  • Screw-on cover makes for a tool-free battery replacement

PST-TCK – 3 Type K Thermocouple


  • Transmits up to 3 type K thermocouple readings
  • Mini flat thermocouple jacks attached
  • Transmits readings every 20 seconds to preserve battery life
  • Custom transmission rates available


  • Range: -200°C to 1350°C (-328°F to 2462°F)
  • Resolution: 1°C (1.8°F)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%

PST-THD – Temperature, Humidity, & Dewpoint


  • Transmits the environment's temperature, humidity, and dewpoint
  • Built in sensors for off-the-shelf implementation
  • Transmits readings every 12 seconds to preserve battery life
  • Custom transmission rates available


  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 124°C (-40°F to 255°F)
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.6°C (1°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.54°F
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 100%
  • Humidity Resolution: 1%
  • Humidity Accuracy: +/- 1.8%
  • Humidity Response Time: 8 seconds

PST-AC1 – Current


  • Transmits measured AC current
  • Built-in split core transducer


  • Range: 0A to 150A
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% of full scale

PST-CL-A – Critical Link


  • Monitors an analog input and emulates its value on the receiver end
  • Transmits data 6 times a minute to preserve battery life
  • Custom transmission rates available


  • Receiver requires 12-30VDC power supply
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
  • Nominal Current Range: 0-24mA
  • Measurable Current Range: 0-21mA
  • Current Resolution: 0.025mA
  • Current Accuracy: +/- 1%

PST-Rx.W – Web Receiver


  • Modbus, CSV, and XML output options
  • Configured with a web browser
  • Data viewable through web browser – no software or server required
  • Data and configuration saved to on-board microSD card
  • Static or DHCP addressing options

PST-Rx.W – Ethernet Receiver


  • Installable anywhere there is ethernet access
  • Software utility is provided for auto-discovery of DHCP assigned IP addresses
  • Up to 64 receivers can be monitored by one installation of iStatus software
  • Static or DHCP addressing options

PST-Rx.W – USB Receiver


  • Connects directly to computer acting as server
  • Powered by USB port – perfect for portable application
  • 1 receiver can be used per installation of iStatus software

iStatus Software
iStatus is Predictive Sensor Technology's data receiving software that allows full access to the data received from multiple transmitters. The data can be viewed, analyzed for alarms, or exported for use in other programs.

Easy Setup

  • Automatically discover transmitters
  • Easily scale inputs

Data Logging

  • Own and control your data
  • Watch for trends
  • Plot multiple sensors
  • Export plot data to Excel or .csv file with a click
  • Access SQL to use with most reporting and graphics software


  • Send email or text reports and notifications
  • Monitor every reception for alarm conditions
  • Easily set up notification groups
  • Set alarms to delay

Wireless transmitter

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