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Eurotherm 3500 Dual Loop Controller
Two independent PID loops make the 3500 ideal for interactive processes such as those found in carburising furnaces, environmental chambers and autoclaves. The loops may also be ‘soft’ wired together in creative ways to create cascade, ratio or other intelligent control strategies.

3500-Dual Loop Spec Sheet (pdf)
3500 User Manual (pdf)
3500 Engineering Handbook (pdf)

Eurotherm 2604 & 2704 Advanced Process Controllers
The 2604 and 2704 are highly accurate and stable process controllers available in a single, dual or triple loop format. Features include setpoint programming and comprehensive selection of maths and logic functions.

Eurotherm 2604/2704 Brochure  (pdf)
Eurotherm 2604/2704 Installation & Wiring (pdf)
Eurotherm 2604 Spec Sheet (pdf)
Eurotherm 2604 User Manual (pdf)
Eurotherm 2704 Spec Sheet (pdf)
Eurotherm 2704 User Manual (pdf)

Eurotherm Mini 8 Controller
The Mini8 controller offers modularity both in terms of hardware and software functions. Its four plug-in slots can accommodate a variety of IO modules, and its feature set is ranged to suit simple multi-loop and data acquisition applications up to complex strategies including setpoint programming, mathematical and logical.

Mini 8_brochure (pdf)
Mini 8_Spec_Sheet (pdf)
Mini 8_Installation guide (pdf)
Mini 8_Eng_Handbook (pdf)

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