Cast-in Heaters

Cast-X Aluminum Cast Circulation Heaters

Cast-X 500
Cast-X 1000
Cast-X 2000
Cast-X 3000

Cast Aluminum Solutions heaters are ideal for demanding applications.

These heaters consist of a helical coiled tube and tubular element cast into an aluminum body. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer media between the tubular element and the coiled fluid or gas transfer tube. The unique construction of the heater allows it to be used where thermally sensitive materials such as paints and resins, or flammable materials such as fuels and solvents, are being heated.

The aluminum mass acts as a “thermal flywheel” and ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid. Many of these circulation heaters are available with optional explosion-proof enclosures for use in flammable environments.

The Cast-X line of circulation heaters is well suited to applications where fluid cleanliness is critical, because the material being heated never comes in contact with the heating elements.

This is a performance requirement in the food service equipment, semiconductor and analytical industries. These heaters also come with a heavy wall seamless stainless steel passageway that assures performance in high-pressure applications where viscous or mildly corrosive materials need to be heated.

Product FeaturesCast-X 500Cast-X 1000Cast-X 2000Cast-X 3000
Non-welded constructionYes YesYesYes
Prevents burning of the heated fluidYes YesYesYes
Tube material316 SS304 SS316 SS316L SS
Standard enclosuresNEMA 1, 4, 7NEMA 1, 7NEMA 1, 4, 7NEMA 4, 7
Heater elementReplaceable cartridgeTubularTubularTubular
UL-approved elementsNoYesYesYes
Process maximum temperatures350℉250℉ 392℉ 500℉
Maximum wattage1500 W3000 W6000 W24,800 W
Maximum flowrate (liquid)0.75 GPM1.50 GPM2.50 GPM10 GPM
Maximum fluid pressure3000 psi1500 psi5000 psi2000 psi
Optional integrated high-limit thermostatYesYesYesYes
Optional integrated process thermostatNoYesYesNo
Optional compression fittingsYesYesYesYes
Optional insulation jacketYesYesYesNo

►Technical Information for Cast-X 500 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 1000 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 2000 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 3000 (pdf)

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Cast Universal Solvent Heater

Cast-X Universal Solvent Heater

The ultimate solvent heating device!

The USH from Cast Aluminum Solutions features efficient, low-watt-density heating elements cast into an aluminum body that also contains two helical-coiled stainless steel tubes, a small cooling tube for water to reduce solvent temps below flashpoint, and a larger solvent tube that is passivated and electro-polished. Solvents are sequestered in this tube, never contacting the heating elements.

Three Type J thermocouples sense solvent inlet, outlet and heater core temperatures. A snap-action high limit switch provides safe shutdown of the unit. The electrical enclosure is explosion proof (NEMA 7), and the body is Teflon-coated to protect it from corrosion.

  • Up to 8 kW total / 208-480 volts / Up to 30 amps per circuit
  • Handles up to 3300 psi at temperatures up to 392℉
  • Perfect for semiconductor wet process systems, wafer cleaning equipment
  • Provides safe heating for acids, photoresist removal solvents, and other low flashpoint solvents
  • Ideal for use in environments containing flammable or explosive vapors

►Technical Information (pdf)

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Tempco Cast-In Aluminum and Bronze Platen Die Heaters

Tempco cast-in platen heaters are widely accepted as the industry standard for heating critical, temperature-sensitive plastics processing downstream equipment.

Typically, plastic die applications are highly temperature sensitive and require extreme heater uniformity and reliability. Tempco cast-in aluminum platen heaters are a logical choice to satisfy these critical application parameters, as the aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity and a highly reliable, computer-designed heating element that provides good contamination resistance. Optional cooling tubes can be cast-in to more precisely regulate the temperature of your process. The result is a highly efficient, uniform heater that can be expected to provide years of trouble-free service.

Cast-in platen heaters are generally manufactured in aluminum, but they can also be made in bronze or brass alloys to meet higher temperature processing requirements. For high volume requirements, the permanent mold process can be used to achieve the most effective economies of scale with the best cosmetic appeal. To service customers with lesser volume orders, Tempco’s high quality no-bake sand mold process will be used, which assures excellent part quality and employs economical tooling.

• Computer-designed, precisely formed tubular heating element
• A variety of termination options, including terminal enclosure housings
• Optional 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ cooling tubes cast into the platen
• A variety of shapes and sizes made to your specifications
• Through-holes, tapped holes or cutouts to facilitate mounting or work around obstructions
• Precision machining of one or all surfaces of casting – specify your individual requirements!

►Technical Information (pdf)

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