Cast-X Circulation Heaters

Cast-X 500 Series
Cast-X 1000 Series
Cast-X 2000 Series
Cast-X 3000 Series

These heaters from Cast-X Aluminum Solutions are ideal for demanding applications.

These heaters consist of a helical coiled tube and tubular element cast into an aluminum body. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer medium between the tubular element and the coiled fluid or gas transfer tube.

The unique construction of the heater allows it to be used where thermally sensitive materials such as paints and resins or flammable materials such as fuels and solvents are being heated.

The aluminum mass acts as a “thermal flywheel” and ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid.

Many CAS circulation heaters are available with optional explosion-proof enclosures for use in flammable environments.

The CAST-X line of circulation heaters is well suited to applications in which fluid cleanliness is critical, because the material being heated never comes in contact with the heating elements. This is a performance requirement in the food service equipment, semiconductor and analytical industries.

These heaters also come with a heavy wall seamless stainless steel passageway that assures performance in high-pressure applications where viscous or mildly corrosive materials need to be heated.

TypeMax PowerMax VoltageMax CurrentMax Pressure
Cast-X 5001.5 kW240 V12.5 A5100 psi
Cast-X 10003 kW480 V15 A2100 psi
Cast-X 20006 kW480 V25 A5100 psi
Cast-X 300024.6 kW480 V35 A3300 psi

Maximum working temperatures will vary according to type of enclosure and housing position.

Insulating jackets and compression fittings are available for all Cast-X models.

►Technical Information for Cast-X 500 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 1000 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 2000 (pdf)

►Technical Information for Cast-X 3000 (pdf)

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