Ceramic Radiant Heaters and Arrays

Tempco Ceramic E-Mitters are manufactured in a casting process embedding the resistance wire in the ceramic material. Standard colors are metamorphing rose (cold) to grey (hot), and traditional white. Optional colors are metamorphing yellow (cold) to orange (hot), and black. Units are available with a built-in type K thermocouple (optional Type J). Low electrical noise thermocouple options are also available. Ceramic E-Mitters can be supplied with individual reflectors or mounted in custom structural arrays.

Solid Curved Face Ceramic E-Mitters

Series CRS: 60 mm x 60 mm (2.36″ x 2.36″)
Series CRM: 60 mm x 163 mm (2.36″ x 6.41″)
Series CRC: 60 mm x 122 mm (2.36″ x 4.80″)
Series CRB: 60 mm x 245 mm (2.36″ x 9.65″)
Series CRL: 95 mm x 295 mm (3.72″ x 11.63″)

Solid Flat Face Ceramic E-Mitters

Series CRG: 122 mm x 122 mm (4.80″ x 4.80″)

Tempco Ceramic Infrared E-Mitters® are made in the USA!

Custom Ceramic Infrared Structural Arrays

These infrared radiant heating array systems are custom manufactured by Tempco for CRB, CRC, CRM, CRL, CRH, CRN and CRZ E-Mitters®.

Design Features:
• Custom engineered and manufactured
• Lightweight extruded aluminum outer housing
• All metal interior components are stainless steel
• Each heater’s power leads are connected to an individual ceramic terminal block
• NCC or Ni wire with heat resistant insulation is used for circuit wiring between terminal blocks
• Zones with different radiant heat levels can be achieved by using different wattage heaters (each zone would have a heater with built-in thermocouple for temperature control)
• Shipped fully assembled
• Optional factory wiring and power control panels
• Optional ceramic fiber insulation in wiring space
• Optional entrances in rear cover or sides to customer specs

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