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Antech Sales distributes software and drivers for interfacing with controllers, instrumentation equipment and automation equipment. The most popular software is listed below. If you need a special configuration or legacy software, contact us!

Eurotherm iTools® Software

iTools is a versatile suite of software tools to allow configuration and monitoring of all Eurotherm 2000 and 3000 Series controllers and the T630 process controller. It also provides runtime monitoring of the 6000 Series graphical recording and data management units.

iTools is capable of editing, storing and cloning complete controller configurations as well as setting up data logging, process monitoring, and ethernet and modem connections.

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Watlow Composer® Software

Composer is Watlow’s new, easy-to-use software for configuring and customizing controllers. Use it to optimize Watlow’s F4T, D4T, EZ-Zone RM and EZ-Zone PM products for specific applications.

Task-specific views simplify all aspects of commissioning new controllers, including managing the inputs and outputs from pluggable flex modules, setting up functions such as control loops and alarms, and creating and editing profiles.

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Choosing the correct software can be a daunting task. Let us help! Our team of experienced professionals will match your thermal loop configuration with the right software to get the job done. And if Antech Sales is building your control panel, then we’ll install and configure your software for you.

SpecView® Software

SpecView is software that mere mortals can deal with.

Most applications can be configured by the end user without training.

SpecView software is compatible with Watlow, Eurotherm and other third party vendors including Athena, Cal, Carlo Gavazzi, Chessell, Honeywell, Omron, Red Lion, Allen Bradley and others.

This is an excellent choice for batch and continuous process monitoring, alarm handling, recipe management, and a host of other applications. The graphical display features touch screen operation, remote monitoring, and the ability to set up multiple operator stations.

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