Convectronics Air & Gas Heaters

Air heaters work by continuously passing air/fluid over a heated element, giving a consistent supply of reliable heat. The material being heated can be inert gas, compressed air, or air from a regenerative blower.

When you need a heat source, these products by Convectronics are designed to meet and exceed all expectations. Convectronics air heaters use state-of-the-art materials and can be found throughout the world in countless industries.

Style 1 – Quartz Tube Heaters

Up to 1500℉

60V / 120V / 240V

115W – 4650W

Clean electric heat without the flame

Style 3 – Triple Pass Housing/Elements

Up to 1450℉

60V / 120V / 240V

125W – 6000W

Triple pass air flow for improved efficiency and a cool outer shell

Style 7 – Inline Pipe Heaters

Up to 1400℉

60V / 120V / 240V

Stainless steel pipe with threads at both inlet and outlet ends. Feedthrus rated up to 150 psi. These heaters can be used to heat substances other than air as long as the fluid is non-conductive and does not chemically react with 300 series stainless steel, silver solder, nickel, aluminum oxide, or the epoxy potting material used on the leaded model.

Safety Considerations: Unfiltered gas that may contain dirt, grease, oil, oil vapors, corrosive or reactive gases along with volatile or combustible gases should never be used. Material should always be flowing over the element before and even after power is supplied to the heater, or the result may be overheating of the element and reduced life. Elements operating outside their recommended limits will glow beyond the midsection of the heated length. Best operating results will be obtained by using a thermocouple feedback temperature control and phase angle power control. When using only a voltage control, extra caution should be taken.

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