Flanged Immersion Heaters

Watlow flanged immersion heaters are easy to install and maintain. Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels, flanged immersion heaters are ideal for applications requiring higher wattages (up to 3 mW). These heaters are made with Watrod™ or Firebar® tubular elements brazed or welded to a flange. Stock flange heaters are equipped with a general purpose (NEMA 1) terminal enclosure. Flanged immersion heaters, with Firebar elements, also answer the need for liquid immersion applications requiring high kilowatts in small tanks. The Firebar element’s unique flat surface geometry packs more power in a smaller bundle, with lower watt density, making it especially well-suited for petroleum-based liquid heating applications. A conventional round tubular 10-inch ANSI flange can be replaced by a 6-inch ANSI Firebar flange.

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Typical Applications

Low Carbon Steel Sheath

Applications include fluid heat transfer media, tar, high- to low- viscosity petroleum oils, asphalt, wax, molten salt, and other solutions not corrosive to a steel sheath. Temperatures up to 750℉ (400℃).

Steel Sheath Heater8 W/in2Fuel Oils – Bunker C and Number 6
Steel Sheath Heater15 W/in2Fuel Oils – Number 4 and Number 5
Steel Sheath Heater23 W/in2Lightweight Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Degreasing Solutions

Copper Sheath

Mainly used in clean water heating for washrooms, showers and rinse tanks, and for freeze protection of storage tanks. Temperatures up to 350℉ (175℃). Watt densities up to 60 W/in2.

Incoloy® 800 Sheath

A nickel (30-35%), chromium (19-23%), iron alloy. The high nickel content of this alloy contributes to its resistance to scaling and corrosion. Used in air heating and immersion heating of potable water and other liquids that are not corrosive to an Incoloy® 800 sheath. Temperatures up to 1600℉ (870℃).

Incoloy® Sheath Heater16 W/in2Heat Transfer Oils, Liquid Paraffin
Incoloy® Sheath Heater23 W/in2Forced Air, Caustic Solutions, Degreasing Solutions
Incoloy® Sheath Heater48 W/in2Process Water

316 Stainless Steel Sheath

A chromium (16-18%), nickel (11-14%), iron alloy with molybdenum (2-3%) added to improve corrosion resistance in certain environments, especially those that would tend to cause pitting due to the presence of chlorides. Applications include deionized water. Temperatures up to 1200℉ (650℃). Watt densities up to 60 W/in2.

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