Humidity Sensors

HMT 330 Series

The HMT330 series of Humicap® humidity and temperature transmitters is designed for demanding industrial applications in which stable measurements and extensive customization are essential. Manufactured by Vaisala and with multiple options to choose from, the instrument can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual application and is pre-configured for each delivery.

Featuring six models:
• HMT331 for wall-mounted applications
• HMT333 for ducts and tight spaces
• HMT334 for high-pressure and vacuum applications
• HMT335 for high-temperature applications
• HMT337 for high-humidity applications
• HMT338 for pressurized pipelines

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HMD 60 Series

The HMD60 series of duct-mounted Humicap® transmitters is designed for light industrial applications and demanding HVAC applications in settings like museums, cleanrooms and laboratories.

Analog and digital output options are available, and the all-metal body is suitable for building sites and industrial settings.

Manufactured by Vaisala, these transmitters provide state-of-the-art stability and environmental resistance.

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HM 141

The HM141 Humicap® humidity indicator, fitted with an HMP42 or HMP46 probe, can be used for spot checking humidity and temperature in applications which require an extremely thin probe.

Typically, the probe is used for monitoring the drying of structures during construction or after water damage. It is ideal for measuring in tight places like inside ducts, in chambers, or under linoleum floors.

Manufactured by Vaisala, the probe diameter is only 4 mm, allowing access into very small, tight, and hard-to-reach spaces.

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