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Who we are

Our website address:

Our physical address: Antech Sales Inc. • 105 Elwood Avenue • Medina NY 14103 • USA

Our telephone number: 585.798.4300


We use cookies to speed up your website experience. We don’t use them to collect any information about you, your internet habits, or your hard drive. If you don’t want cookies, please turn them off in your web browser.

Who we share your data with

No one. Not. Ever.

Antech Sales does not share your personal information with any individual, any business, or any third party group. We do not employ a third party advertising service, and we do not engage in what is commonly known as “targeted advertising.”

Where we send your data

We use an automated spam detection service. If you use our “Contact Us” form, that service will check the submitted form for malware in order to protect our own systems. We’ll save your form, along with all of the information you entered into it, for our own records and for regular business purposes, such as retrieving your phone number or email address. If you would like us to delete the information you’ve sent us through our contact form, please call us or send us an email. Our contact information is at the top of this page. We’ll delete your contact form information from our company servers within one business day of receiving your request.

We use Google Analytics to count our visitors. We don’t use Google Analytics to learn anything about you, your personal life, or your computer’s hard drive. We also don’t use it to track your internet habits.

Antech Sales, Inc.
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