Solid State Relays

Zelio Solid State Relays from Schneider Electric

Experience high switching frequency for precise and quick control, long lifetime and silent operation with Zelio solid state relays from Schneider Electric.

The Zelio series contains a wide choice of relays – from DIN rail to panel mount, single-phase and three-phase options, current ratings from 10 to 125 amps, output voltages from 24 to 660 VAC.

Switching is completely silent, and the relay will not change state in the event of excessive vibration.

Zelio Slim RelaysSingle Phase
Zelio Modular RelaysSingle Phase
Single Phase Dual Channel
Zelio Panel Mount RelaysSingle Phase

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Watlow Solid State Relays

Watlow solid state relays offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, yet at a lower cost.

Watlow’s special fast-cycle input card promotes better temperature control and longer heater life than slow-cycle relays.

Both low and high voltage models are available, from 24 to 530VAC. All AC output models include back-to-back SCRs for a more rugged design than the traditional triac-based SSR. Watlow also offers a switched VDC model for DC heating applications.

A full array of accessories is available, including thermal foils, Belleville washers, and matched semiconductor fuses and heat sinks.

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